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Latte Love

Love lattes? Make them at home.

latte (from the Italian caffè latte, meaning “coffee and milk”) is a drink made with espresso and steamed milk. Not only are lattes easy to make and delicious, but they’re another way to get milk’s 9-essential nutrients.

You don’t need to leave home to enjoy coffeehouse treats. It’s easy to recreate these popular drinks at home. If you already own an espresso or cappuccino machine, use it to prepare the coffee and milk for these recipes. But you can still enjoy coffee bar specialities using whatever coffee maker you have in your kitchen. According to Corby Kummer, author of The Joy of Coffee: The Essential Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying, the fanciest piece of equipment you need is a $10 frother or stovetop espresso maker, usually called a moka.

Even that isn’t essential, Kummer says. You can use a standard stovetop or electric coffee maker and your favorite brand of coffee. Just brew double-strength coffee; that is, use half the water you normally would. Be sure to dilute the strong essence with plenty of milk – as in the following recipes.

And for the foamed milk, you can use a blender if you don’t have an espresso maker with a steamer attachment or a separate milk foamer. You can also microwave your milk in a mug for a minute and then froth it right in the cup with an electric hand blender. We tried this one from Aerolatte and it works great – but we’re kind of partial to the cow printed one – plain silver, black and chrome are also available.


We all love lattes, but have you ever wondered what your go-to flavor might say about you? The lattes we drink can be quite telling. Grab your favorite latte and keep sipping till the end to find your latte-ality.

Classic latte

Nothing beats the original and you know it. You stick to what you know and your strong-will keeps you on a path to success.


You enjoy the finer things in life. If it isn’t rich with flavor, it isn’t for you. You’re the stylish one of the group and always educate your friends on the latest trends. If choco-latte describes you, give the Mocha Indulgence Smoothie a try.

Herbal Tea Latte

You are confident in yourself and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You like to keep things simple, but always think outside the box. If you’re always reaching for the herbal tea latte, give a Mate Cocido Herbal Infusion a try! 

Caramel latte

You like to spice things up and have a good time. It’s only a party when you arrive with your loving-life vibe.  You crave excitement and this Morning Pick-Me-Up.

Iced latte

You’re the cool and laid-back one of the group. You always enjoy yourself whether you’re kicking back and relaxing or taking the time to take in your surroundings. Either way you’ll love our iced, Ooh La Latte.

Coffee-Free latte

You love fun and brighten up any room you walk into. Whether you’re a pint sized kiddo who can’t wait to grow up or a fun loving adult who doesn’t see why you have to, this latte is a morning staple. If you live wild and fancy free, then a coffee-free latte is for you. Want to give it a try? Froth some milk and pour it over a glass of warm chocolate milk with rich chocolate Ovaltine. Voila!

Brews to Choose For Calcium


Caffè Latte

  • Espresso – 1 shot (about 1 ounce of liquid)
  • Steamed Milk – Fill a large cup (12 ounces or bigger) almost to the rim with milk, about 11 ounces
  • Foamed Milk – Top off with about 1/4 inch layer

Caffè Mocha

  • Chocolate Syrup – Pour in enough chocolate syrup to just cover the bottom of the cup (about 1 1/2 ounces)
  • Espresso – 1 shot (about 1 ounce)
  • Steamed Milk – Fill a large cup almost to the rim with milk, about 9 ounces
  • Whipped Cream – Top with a dollop (optional)
  • Cocoa Powder – Lightly sprinkle over top


  • Espresso – 1 shot (about 1 ounce)
  • Steamed Milk – Fill the cup halfway to the rim with milk, about 7 ounces
  • Foamed Milk – Top off with a thick layer above the rim


Genuine espresso is made with a dark-roasted bean and is brewed under pressure in an espresso machine. At home, a substitute can be brewed using a drip pot and filter paper or use a standard stovetop or electric coffee maker and brew double-strength coffee; that is, use half the water you normally would.



Read more about how to make you coffeehouse favorites at home:

Nutrition Information

Most of us know that milk is high in calcium. Just one cup of milk provides one of the 3-Every-Day™ of Dairy servings your body needs for stronger bones and overall health. But did you know that lattes also contain the following nutrients?

Nutrient Aids Our Bodies In: Amount found in milk
  • Building and repairing muscles
  • Optimizing recovery from injury
  • Providing energy for exercise
There is more protein in one cup of milk than the amount found in one egg.
  • Regulation of body fluids
  • Maintaining proper blood pressure
One cup of milk has the same amount of potassium as in a banana or a glass of orange juice.
Vitamin D
  • Calcium absorption
  • Bone mineralization
Milk products are one of the few food sources containing Vitamin D.
  • B-vitamin
  • Needed to convert food to energy
One glass of milk is a good source of riboflavin.
  • Fuel for the body
One cup of milk has about the same amount of calories as a slice of bread.
  • Vital for keeping the body hydrated
One glass of milk is nearly 90 percent water.

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