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Improve the health of children in schools with education programs that encourage students to choose a healthful diet including milk and dairy.



Dairy Recipes

Ricotta Pie

Similar to a traditional cheesecake, this Ricotta Pie is made with ricotta cheese and would make a great ending to your Easter or meal or other Spring celebration.

Your Milk Comes From a Good Place

Dairy farmers take good care of their animals and the land that they farm. They are dedicated to producing nutritious and good tasting milk and dairy foods for all to enjoy. Learn more here!

creekside co-op

Share the Dairyspot Light

Did you know that most milk is locally sourced? Creekside Co-op tells local story about their milk from Merrymead Farm.


Great American Milk Drive

Milk is needed in America’s feeding programs because it is seldom donated, but you can help. The Great American Milk Drive gives Americans a simple way to donate milk to help food insecure families in their communities.

Megan Fry- lamb

Dairy Diary

The Fry Family is anxiously waiting for their second sheep to lamb. Read about their story, here.



Ask the Dietitian

I’m hearing that saturated fat doesn’t play as large a role as thought in heart disease. Are saturated fats not so bad?